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  In D10857#216725 <>, @dfaure wrote:
  > I cannot confirm that stable_sort is faster, on the contrary. updated, says (repeatedly)
  >  "std::sort took: 5003 ms"
  >  "std::stable_sort took: 7490 ms"
  > Maybe on specific data (the actual filenames you're testing this with), 
stable_sort ends up being faster, but this isn't true in general (with random 
  "qSort took: 3308 ms"
  "std::sort took: 3383 ms"
  "std::stable_sort took: 5829 ms"
  My results. A direct copy-paste from your benchmark, no edits.
  Release mode and linux this time.
  @jtamate std::sort it is. Feel free to commit :)

  R241 KIO


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