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  In D10937#216476 <>, @mart wrote:
  > one point tough: those are only going to work at a single size, as they are 
more vulnerable to become blurry when resized, so they would need other size 
versions as well (small sizes probably being like before)
  > as they are part of the icon theme, one can't assume where and how they 
will be used (want it or not, app developers will just borrow them if they like 
it for whatever they want to represent) so the full sizes set is needed
  I agree, however, there's a point where the symbolism will simply break down. 
If we try to go with the laptop analogy I'd say 32x32px is the cutoff where one 
can reasonably use this symbolism. While it might be possible to cram it all 
into that confined space, there will be a lot going on. I'd say too much to 
really understand the intention behind the icon. Though I am open to be proven 
  In D10937#216511 <>, @ngraham wrote:
  > This came up in the VDG telegram room: the rotate and flip icons are still 
rather unclear, just from the icon alone. We came up with a potential 
alternative: how about displaying a rotated or flipped image in the screen? It 
would have to be something with strong directionality, like a mountain or 
something. In fact, we already use  "mountain and sun" imagery elsewhere, for 
example with the Pictures folder:
  > F5735330: Spectacle.x27054.png <>
  > I feel like a slightly less abstract version of that could work well here.
  I tried to experiment with your idea:
  F5736299: Screenshot from 2018-03-02 13:13:42.png 
  The top two rows are takes on "rotate left".
  I am not sure it'll work with photo symbolism. At for me, I definitely 
wouldn't recognize what the rotated images were supposed to symbolized if I 
didn't know beforehand. Or, at least, I need a version that's not flipped for 
comparison. I am not saying though that the idea can't work. I am just not sure 
what to use here.
  For the second row, I think the one to the left works best, however, due to 
the angles it'll always be blurry. Not sure if that's a good trade-off or not. 
Perhaps I should try it with the window being empty too.
  I'd say that I think the top row works best, however, all the ideas, safe the 
bottom row, suffer from being complicated. As @abetts noted, sometimes simpler 
is better. I'd also help with adapting the icons to smaller sized without 
losing too clarity.
  In D10937#216512 <>, @abetts wrote:
  > Is there a way that we can add extra clarity by adding a label below the 
icons? A label that explains what the action is? I agree that the current 
symbolism can be hard to read but it is also very simple. If you make the 
connection to label, it will be even stronger in meaning. Also, not sure I like 
the white background on those tiles, is there a way that they can be dark and 
the images light? Just a thought on colors.
  The implementation it is supposed to be used in will have labels, as can be 
seen in in this blog post. 
<> However, every def 
can use them if they want.
  RE:Color Do you mean the laptop screen? Or the while icon? If so, there's a 
dark variant for breeze dark. The tiles are just my 64x64px working areas and 
not part of the icons themselves.

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