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  > > All mounts must be manually made available by the user before running 
this option, or all files on a previously available mount will be removed from 
the index.
  > It is much too easy for users to accidentally ruin their database with 
this. There should at least be a warning message including the advice to mount 
all external items. And users must confirm execution. 
  >  This command also should have a --dry-run option to show users what would 
happen to their database.
  Adding paths to index on top of the user's home directory requires manual 
modification of the config file, or symlinks into the user's home directory. It 
can be assumed that the user is reasonably competent about destructive options 
if he/she does this. Adding a --dry-run modifier is overkill for regeneratable 
data. Requiring that the user confirm execution is bad practice.
  I've changed the option description to more clearly convey that it will 
remove any entry that doesn't have a resolveable file path.

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