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  > > Thanks! :)
  > Yeah, same to you: Thanks! I'm learning a lot.
  >  Wrt tooltips offscreen display: As I cannot use baloo-widgets here, I'm 
trying to mock a KFileMetadataWidget. That is extremely tedious and may even 
not work out. I was told that an integration test would be needed in separate 
repo. Maybe that is a more solid solution. But I have no idea what to do or 
where to start.  Could you please give me some hints? And, is it worth it? 
  >  Also with e.g. D10803 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D10803> sooner or later 
tooltips will get in trouble. To make tooltips resilient to info overloads we 
need a good test and this one is much too simple. To use baloo-widget in a 
unit/intergration test would be the most flexible solution, I think.
  Sounds like we can put this integration test in `baloo-widgets` then?

  R236 KWidgetsAddons


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