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  In D11244#223654 <>, @broulik wrote:
  > Did you actually properly test this, ie. without scaling? I can't see how 
this would be working:
  >  1.) You're missing `import QtQuick.Window 2.2`
  >  2.) There's no such property `Window.devicePixelRatio`, it's 
`Screen.devicePixelRatio` (which is also in the `Window` import, but that seems 
also wrong in the `qqc2-desktop-style` you got this from)
  Yes, I did fully test with:
  - No scale factor
  - 1.2x scale factor
  - 2x scale factor
  - `PLASMA_USE_QT_SCALING=1` both on and off for each one
  Everything seemed to work fine. `Window.devicePixelRatio` is what 
QQC2-desktop-style used, so I just copied it. If there's something else more 
appropriate, I'm happy to use that instead, or fix the imports, or whatever. 
Again, this patch //does// work--though maybe by accident?
  In D11244#223663 <>, @davidedmundson 
  > Thanks for finding the bug report.
  > +1 from me.
  > You prompted me to look; turns out 
it was a ridiculously easy fix.
  > Has the advantage that it'll fix the QQC1 desktop theme labels; but I'm ok 
with an interim fix.
  Wow, fantastic! I look forward to the day when we can remove all of this 
code, then. :)

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