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  Here's  the bug tracking the QQC2 issue:
  FWIW, by coincidence someone in the VDG room today actually independently 
noticed the difference between the two rendering styles (In Discover, which 
uses Kirigami, which uses the QQC2 label). You can see it in the following 
  F5751079: top Qt bottom Native.jpg <>
  Qt on the top, Native on the bottom. So yeah, we do want to make sure we're 
always using NativeRendering unless using QtRendering is required to avoid an 
even worse visual issue.
  If and when David's Qt patch is merged, we can `#ifdef` this here and in 
QQC2-desktop-style so eventually even people who use non-integer scale factors 
can have the nicest possible text rendering.

  R242 Plasma Framework (Library)


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