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  Ahhhh.... Either I'm completely off-track here or `kfilemetadata` is not 
doing this correctly. 
  I see a lot of statements like `artist += ', ' + value` -> no list!
  `result->add` calls `QMap->addMulti().` This forces the client to iterate 
over the map, which is not necessary.
  In contrary
    kfilemetadata/src/propertyinfo.cpp: 52
         case Property::AlbumArtist:
                d->name = QStringLiteral("albumArtist");
                d->displayName = i18nc("@label", "Album Artist");
                d->valueType = QVariant::StringList;
  The client can call `toVariantMap()` on the extraction result to get a 
`QVariantMap` but not a `QVariant::StringList`.
  I really, really, really do not understand why `kfilemetadata` is not 
delivering a string list. It is much more natural and consistent with the 
announced Property info.
    kfilemetadata/src/properties.h: 282
    typedef QMap<Property::Property, QVariant> PropertyMap;
    //In taglibextractor never a list --^`
  I'm confused.

  R286 KFileMetaData


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