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  @davidedmundson Thanks for blowing new life into this patch :) The OO 
approach sounds nice and good to have, but no chance yet to look in detail.
  While I had started some local changes following your feedback/proposals, I 
had stalled further activity as I got stuck understanding how krunner currently 
supports signalling of plugin config changes (from what I found, currently the 
`Plasma::AbstractRunner::reloadConfiguration()` is not used, instead krunner 
app reloads all plugins on config change of one?) and also as I hit bug 
https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=389611 ("Milou cancels/resets the search 
if there are no first result after 500 ms") without any direct clue what to do 
there. As well as the need to develop multi-agent D-Bus krunner plugin support. 
Too many road-blocks for my non-urgent needs, so had turned to drive other 
coding entertainment roads noted on my FUNTODO map with more promising quick 
  Given the use cases I had in mind for this dbus runner lib, I would like to 
have both things (config change signalling & multi-agent support) first sorted 
out and accordingly integrated into the API, before going public. With your 
active attention again, I will see to get active on this as well again, 
hopefully this or next week :)

  R308 KRunner


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