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  In D10937#227525 <>, @ngraham wrote:
  > Those all look pretty great to me, honestly. A nice upgrade from the 
current icons.
  > For the pink column, does it look bad if you raise the projection screen so 
that it's only a little bit higher than the laptop on the large icons? It seems 
like there's room to raise it a bit and still keep the blue window aligned 
between them. I think it's okay if they're not aligned on the smaller versions.
  You mean like in the smaller icons or like so:
  F5756076: path1394.png <>?
  In D10937#227527 <>, @emateli wrote:
  > Hi, while I do appreciate the icons I also have a question: Why the use of 
laptop and projector over of two simple generic screens. Wouldn't that be 
better for all use cases?
  Dunno, I didn't set out to change the metaphors used.

  R266 Breeze Icons


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