bruns added a comment.

  Can you add the output of the failing tests here verbatim?


> michaelh wrote in advancedqueryparsertest.cpp:264
> This test fails. "no optimization" serves as a flag, that it's expected to 
> fail and as message why. See lines 217-219. That's why I thought of dropping 
> it, because  D11826 <> does not make it 
> pass.
> If we drop this test the `failmessage` column can be removed.

Ah, this makes it somewhat complicated ...

So the parsed query is semantically correct, only the term are not merged?
If yes, the best way here is to probably keep this row as is, but also add a 
check testing for the unoptimized term. The second check should then carry a 
comment mentioning it is only a fallback.

Anyway, please make the message somewhat more meaningful, e.g. "Fails to 
optimize for unknown reason, but output is semantically correct".

  R293 Baloo


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