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  I brought this up before, but let me repeat: It is of utmost importance to 
test with the default settings, i.e. default font size and default dialog size 
(remove `~/.config/kate*` for that). Your current version does not look good, 
despite what you show in your screenshot in the summary:
  F5803932: kio-toolbar.png <https://phabricator.kde.org/F5803932>
  Note that I'm not saying your intention in this patch is wrong. But as there 
is only so much space available, you need to prioritize what can be shown. By 
default, there should be no overflow arrow in the toolbar too. Ideas:
  - Sorting is irritating, this needs an icon, e.g. `view-sort-descending`, 
`object-order-back` or an entirely new icon. OTOH I wonder if this entry is 
needed at all, because for Detailed View you could simply click on the table 
  - The slider should get a minimum size.
  - There should still be a good amount of whitespace between what's on the 
left and on the right side of the toolbar. This separation into groups results 
in faster navigation in the UI and helps in making it feel less crowded.
  Please resist the urge to put everything in the toolbar. Configuring the 
dialog is //not// a regular task, so using the Configure button is fine too. 
Only the most important settings should be shown.

  R241 KIO


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