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  FWIW I wrestled with the issue prior to submitting the patch, but couldn't 
come up with anything better. The issue here that we really do need a minimum 
width of //at least// 110px or else there's simply never enough room for titles 
with small icons, but there's a lack of granularity in the provided icon sizes 
for large values: `KIconLoader::SizeEnormous` is 128px--which is just a bit too 
big--but the next-smallest size is `KIconLoader::SizeHuge`--which is only 64px 
and not big enough.
  I'm not sure it would be worth it to try to programmatically calculate 
something in between (e.g. `ceil(KIconLoader::SizeEnormous * 0.85)` because 
that would just be using a //different// magic value.
  FWIW, the existing code had a magic value for the width too: height * 1.5. 
Maybe we can live with the different 120px magic value here?

  R241 KIO


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