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  In D12124#244924 <>, @broulik wrote:
  > Wouldn't make a big difference, would it?
  > > If there are multiple items for key in the map, the value of the most 
recently inserted one is returned.
  > It's not like we actually check for the property we're overriding with 
having a saner value.
  As allproperties is currently called directly from Manager::updateBackend 
(which is IMHO wrong and needs some cleanup), we end up with values from 
multiple GetAll calls for the same interface. Without the "cleanup after 
InterfaceRemoved" (D12126 <>), the 
propertyCache for e.g. Loop interfaces contained each key 4 times, after D12126 
<> its only twice without this one.
  Fortunately QMap guarantees to use the last inserted value when there are 
multiple values for a key [1], so this is likely only annoying when debugging 
and a slight waste of memory/cpu time.

  R245 Solid



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