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  One reason why I used Detailed Vew instead of Detailed Tree View was honestly 
because I think it has a better icon. Detailed Tree View's "squares connected 
with lines" iconography //tolerably// communicates "tree-style view" but not 
"vertical list of items" and "columns of additional information". The icon for 
"Details" view IMHO  communicates both of these things much better, and those 
seem like more important parts of the functionality to signal than that fact 
that it's a tree-style view.
  Dolphin has the same issue, but confusingly uses Detailed View's icon for 
that horrible side-scrolling Windows-style columnar list view (AKA Compact View 
Mode). I wonder how many people would cry bloody murder if we changed Dolphin 
to use the Detailed Vew icon for its own Detailed View Mode, and then removed 
the icon for Compact View Mode from the toolbar by default and found it a 
better icon (it would still be available from the View menu of course).
  If we did this (after making icons-on-top mode the default for file pickers 
<>), then both Dolphin and the file 
pickers would have the same number of buttons, with each one display the same 
view and using a consistent icon.

  R241 KIO


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