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  Let's do one step at a time ;) First, decide which mode we want to show. Then 
think about the icon, i.e. either switch icons or redo the icon itself. (Basing 
the mode on the icon instead of on the behaviour is //very questionable//, I'm 
surprised you even bring this up…) The third step would be to look at Dolphin 
(where I think you should do a poll to gauge usage of what you describe as the 
"horrible" mode, an assessment which I'd agree with but maybe other don't…).
  TBH, I don't think users look too much at what the icon depicts. They just 
recognize them as those square thingies from Dolphin and remember that clicking 
on them switches view modes. They try out which one they like best, and then 
choose their preference. This is also what I learned in other places: The 
relative positioning of the icon is much more important than what's on the icon 
itself. Thus I think you worry too much about the icon.
  I would simply go for Detailed Tree View with the existing icon. One quick 
idea to tweak the icon to become more list-style would be to fill out the 
square on the top right, emphasizing the vertical axis. What do you think?

  R241 KIO


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