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  Ok, forget about Dolphin, which for small sizes IMO could be much more dense 
than it is now.
  However, can we still tweak the file dialog a bit?
  My issue is that between 16px and 72px there is absolutely no change in both 
the number of characters displayed, as well as the number of columns for a 
given window width (best tested with a `abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890` 
folder name). The purpose of the slider is not to only control the vertical 
density and the icons size, but also be able to change the horizontal density.
  Obviously the old behaviour led to too many linebreaks for small sizes, but a 
better compromise for me would be to use `* 5.5` instead of `* 6`. This way 
you'll lose roughly 3 characters, but move the limit down to 64px. As a nice 
side effect, you'll fit 5 columns instead of 4 for the default window size and 
with 32px icons.
  Apart from that, I really tried to break it, but failed. Well done!
  Code mostly LGTM.


> kdiroperator.cpp:2591
> +        const int minWidth = metrics.height() * 6;
> +        const QSize itemSize = QSize(qMax(minWidth, width), height);
> +        view->setGridSize(itemSize);

You could avoid repeating `QSize`:

  const QSize itemSize(qMax(minWidth, width), height);

Alternatively use `auto`.

  R241 KIO

  tighter-grid-in-icons-view (branched from master)


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