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  @ngraham The way I understood @elvisangelaccio was that the possibility to 
open a folder with another application should stay, but featured less 
prominently (i.e. like before). My ping was mainly to get the conversation 
going again, because it looked like Elvis' concern was being ignored.
  I would not agree with completely removing that functionality, because it 
//is// actually useful sometimes, e.g. for KDirStat/Filelight etc., and has 
been a feature even in Konqueror since more than a decade.
  +1 for only showing the Open With menu, without an additional top app. (But 
make sure to consolidate the number of separators…)
  @elvisangelaccio Please comment, so we'll know what you had in mind ;)
  > According to a comment in the code, Open With was never supposed to show up 
for folders in the first place, but a bug prevented this from working: the 
value of `firstItem.url().isLocalFile()` was also checked, but this always 
returns true for local directories, not just local files.
  Are you sure? The API docs say that "A URL is a local file path if the scheme 
is "file".", i.e. it also applies to directories. The way I interpret `not very 
useful, especially for remote folders`, the way the condition is written and 
how it works in reality, is that only for remote folders the entry should be 

  R241 KIO


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