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  This is already pushed ;=)
  Autor: Alex Turbov <>  2017-08-07 08:01:46
  Eintragender: Alex Turbov <>  2018-03-28 21:17:34
  Eltern: aa5a8e08e0a2004536ab87531efbbbb93217cf4a 
(GIT_SILENT Upgrade Qt5 version requirement to 5.8.0.)
  Kind:  683fc509a1ad5ac36e2446cf35a123f479455636 
(Make it possible to fully build the project when crosscompiling)
  Zweig: master, remotes/origin/master
  Folgt auf: v5.30.0-rc1
  Vorgänger von: v5.45.0, v5.45.0-rc1
    Redesign CMake syntax generator
    The new approach is to use a trivial Python script, which uses a prepared 
    data file and Jinja template to render the resulting syntax file.
    Key features of the new implementation are:
    - every command highlights only related named parameters -- e.g. 
      do not have `TARGET` named option, so it doesn't highlight in this 
    - new highlight classes have introduced to distinct property names, aliased
      (imported) targets, special non-named arguments;
    - reuse RST syntax for comments;
    - the input data now in VCS and trackable.


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