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  Seems to work just fine, see screenshot:
  F5808864: Screenshot_20180415_181027.png 
  I did a little bit more testing, and in case you didn't already know: It 
looks like baloo outputs properties with multiple values as a QVariantList 
(QList<QVariant>), and hence baloo-widgets with its test for QVariant::List 
should work just fine. I tested this with #elisa 
<> and the values we get from baloo. But 
baloo doesn't work with lists as input. Luckily, QVariant::toStringList() works 
both with QStringList and QVariantList. I will work on a solution that accepts 
stringlists as an input for baloo. That should allow to solve the issues with 
all the property types in KFileMetaData. As it looks right now, there is a 
difference if one queries the properties via baloo (QVariantList) or directly 
via KFileMetaData (multiple entries with a single string).
  In D11820#246628 <>, @michaelh wrote:
  > > If there are still changes required in baloo-widgets, I think they should 
happen inside the toString() function.
  > That could be done in `toString()`. The concatenation is only an 
intermediate step. The real plan is to use `TagWidget` for e.g. keywords, 
genres and so on, in that case I would have to move all the decision making 
back to where it is now.
  If it's only intermediary, then it's probably fine. Maybe add a comment.

  R824 Baloo Widgets


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