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  > In D11569#235002 <>, @ngraham 
  > > I'll leave the string the way it is for now so this can go into 
Frameworks 5.45, and change it after the string freeze.
  > @ngraham Are you still planning to do this? Or should I open a Diff?
  D12207: Use text "Other Application..." in "Open With" submenu 
  > In D11569#242454 <>, 
@elvisangelaccio wrote:
  >> I didn't notice that this change also affects the context menu of folders. 
That doesn't make much sense and just clutters the menu, imho.
  >> Why would I want an "Open with Gwenview" action if 99% of my folders do 
not contain pictures?
  > @ngraham Ping?
  D12206: Don't show top "Open With" app for folders; only for files 

  R241 KIO


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