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  In D10937#260289 <>, @abetts wrote:
  > In D10937#260277 <>, @ngraham 
  > > Someone will need to land the changes for you. I'd prefer a few more 
thumbs up first. @abetts, are you good with these?
  > I am linking these a lot. I am "almost" there with the designs. I would 
just ask that the center image of the sample window be simplified. I think it 
has a lot of detail. Maybe we can tone it down by removing some elements and 
making the window look more simple.
  Could you give me more examples of what you'd remove?  As in direction.
  > Icons 5-6 have a representation that is meant to be a second screen, or a 
projector screen? Can you tell me what it is meant to represent?
  It's supposed to be a projector screen. I took the original icon metaphor to 
be a projector screen, so I continued with that.

  R266 Breeze Icons


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