Any idea why purpose can't find the KIO http and file protocols -- on Windows?

That's very odd, because the dependency from purpose on kio is there in 
(it wouldn't build otherwise), and using kio_file from other frameworks surely 
works (e.g. in KParts).

The lookup for protocols looks for "kf5/kio" under all Qt plugin directories, 

The CI log says
QT_PLUGIN_PATH            = 'C:\CI\workspace\Frameworks purpose kf5-qt5 

Is that supposed to include KIO's plugins?

I guess so, given that a Unix CI job for purpose says
QT_PLUGIN_PATH            = '/home/jenkins/install-prefix/lib64/plugins'

=> is there a kf5\kio subdir in C:\CI\workspace\Frameworks purpose kf5-qt5 
WindowsMSVCQt5.10\install-prefix\lib\plugins ?

David Faure,,
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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