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  In D10937#311297 <>, @bruns wrote:
  > I think this works better if you actually rotate the screen:
  >  F6203935: rotate2.png <>
  In KScreen, we recently did something similar and just used fully-rotated 
  F6206188: Rotation.png <>
  This works well because when the screen is physically rotated already, it 
becomes really easy to select the right choice because only one of them has an 
icon that looks like it's oriented correctly. We might want to consider doing 
the same here. So the icons that depict rotation wouldn't need to have rotation 
arrows or windows that were turned at funny angles; they'd simply be depict the 
final rotation state. In which case, the "base" of the screen should probably 
show up on the side that the display has been rotated towards, too.
  As for moving the icons into the Plasma theme, I approve, but I think that 
should be done //first// and in a separate commit/patch. (The location is
 you would submit one patch to move the icons into the plasma theme, then a 
second to remove them here (which is safe because `breeze-icons` and 
`plasma-frameworks` have the same release schedules), and then in a third 
patch, you'd replace the existing icons with your awesome new ones.
  Does that sound like a reasonable plan? Please let me know how I can help you 
with that. If we're going to make the move, we need to do it fairly soon so 
that both changes (moving to plasma theme and also improving the icons) land in 
KDE Frameworks 5.50, which is going to be the version that Plasma 5.14 depends 

  R266 Breeze Icons


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