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  This patch removes Root from the default Places panel for new installations, 
for the following reasons:
  - It's redundant; you can still get to / on your machine in one click using 
the appropriate disk entry on the bottom of the Places panel.
  - The Root item shows up in red, indicating its danger. Dangerous items are 
probably not a good idea to show by default, especially not right next to safe 
items such as Home.
  - It's not very useful. On Linux systems, messing around with / is 
discouraged, and Dolphin doesn't even yet have the ability to modify files and 
folders there anyway even if the user wanted to; it's purely read-only. The 
usefulness of such a thing is questionable.
  - By removing it, we gain room to add something more useful such as a Recent 
Documents item (D7446 <>) without making the 
Places panel show a vertical scrollbar with Dolphin's default size.

  Login in with a new user account or rm `~/.local/share/user-places.xbel` and 
open Dolphin; notice that Root is not on the Places panel.
  [image goes here]
  Existing user accounts are untouched.

  R241 KIO

  remote-root-from-places-panel (branched from master)



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