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  In D15721#331388 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D15721#331388>, @ngraham wrote:
  > Can you provide steps to reproduce the problem so I can test it? In my 
naive testing, the `plasmavault` icon looks like a lock and shows up fine on 
both Breeze Light and Breeze Dark.
  Here's one way to reproduce the bug that this change fixes:
  1. Switch to the Breeze Dark icon theme
  2. Use the `plasmavault` icon for a favorite place in Dolphin. In this case, 
it's the `~/Vaults` folder.
  Here's a close-up of the problem.F6284027: Screenshot_20180925_045058.png 
  > I'm also confused by the images you posted (which should be in the Test 
Plan{ section, BTW that depict different icons. Can you help a brotha out?
  The pictures are just showing how the icon looks after the change. I suppose 
I should have shown the old version for comparison. I don't actually know what 
the test plan section is for and I don't know where I would find that 

  R266 Breeze Icons


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