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  In D14631#303886 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D14631#303886>, @aacid wrote:
  > As far as i can see none of these headers get installed so should they all 
be renamed to _p.h ?
  > Also if the headers don't get installed how do you use the new classes?
  @aacid Would be great if you'd point me towards making them installable. Only 
the dialog itself should be exported.
  @dfaure Do functions for getting file suffix and name already exist in KIO or 
other KDE libraries? The whole filenameutils feels like duplicate work.
  I want to give KDevelop a spin for this, how do I import a new formatter so 
it can format my code according to the KDE guidelines.


> dfaure wrote in batchrenametypes.h:32
> This looks more like a namespace than an actual class, given that everything 
> is static.
> Alternatively (and even better), make capturedGroups and the two associated 
> methods non-static, meaning that one has to instanciate the class in order to 
> use it. This is only used in the dialog, right? So there's no need for this 
> "global" variable, it can just be a member of BatchRenameTypes which can be a 
> member of the dialog, AFAICS.

I tried the instance route but then I wouldn't be able to pass the method as a 
callback. Current way is not ideal either. Will figure something out.

  R241 KIO


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