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  I came into anther problem, this time with the unit selection.
  In Arabic, we don't put a dot between the prefix and the unit if we're 
talking about meters (mm, cm, km), but we do with other units (k.Byte, M.Byte, 
  If ki18n was used here, all of this can be locale-specific, but unfortunately 
that's not the case. I think I understand now why there are many strings for 
all of this unit stuff.


> astippich wrote in kformatprivate.cpp:168
> Overlooked that one. Must this then be something like tr("1%2%).arg(... ...)?

Well, I searched other languages and no one seems to do as Arabic does. We do 
not abbreviate in this case and just write the whole "Mebi.Byte" ("Byte" is 
always written, "M.Byte" > "MB").
And of course, there is no one solid naming of the units, so adding just one 
letter will not get the right meaning. Adding another dot will make things more 
crowded -> "M.i.Byte" (This is fine in English, but in Arabic it is really ugly 
and means nothing.)

  R244 KCoreAddons


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