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  In D15843#334515 <>, @smithjd wrote:
  > >> There is no need for this, just create a new StorageDevices where you 
need it.
  > >> Creating a second StorageDevices instance in a process is quite cheap.
  > > 
  > > Creating a separate object cluttered the console with duplicated debug 
output and raised a threading error.
  > No go.
  > This patch is a little bit tidier than exporting the StorageDevices object. 
Both are sufficient for being able to verify that the path is mounted.
  You should not export it but create an instance ...
  >> As a side note - cross-device indexing is broken anyway and can never work 
reliably in the current scheme using device ids as part of the baloo document 
id. Device ids are not stable. For the home partition it works somewhat 
reliable as the device setup is sufficiently fixed, but for any network share, 
Vault, disk image, whatever, it depends on the mounting order.
  >> I will keep opposing any changes trying to paper over it.
  > I have not had a problem with mounted external volumes. FYI, complain to 
the Solid people about the non-randomness of the udi. That isn't a fault of 
  You clearly lack understanding of the problem. This is not about solid UDIs, 
but about device ids provided by the kernel (man 7 inode) . Complain to the 
Linux folks!?

  R293 Baloo


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