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  In D15825#338218 <>, @astippich 
  > In D15825#334087 <>, @bruns wrote:
  > > There are some more common tags with identical values, i.e. AlbumArtist, 
Composer and Lyrics - any reason you kept these?
  > These are the tags directly supported by taglib (e.g. tag->artist() ) which 
don't require manual reading of tags. These are only the supported tags for the 
mime types tested in D15833 <>
  Sorry, I don't get it yet ...
  Is there anything preventing this to work:
    SimpleExtractionResult result(testFilePath(fileName), mimeType);
QVariant(QStringLiteral("Album Artist")));
  As far as I can see, this is identical code for all tests, and supported by 
all formats.
  Or are these not supported by some of the four //new// formats added in 
D15833 <>?

  R286 KFileMetaData


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