bruns added a comment.

  In D16421#349072 <>, @ngraham wrote:
  > After manual application, the alignment is perfect for me too. So that's 
not a blocker; must be some local issye on your end, @ndavis. I think we're 
really close (or ready?) to being able to land this! @bruns, are your comments 
about the question mark a blocker, or are you satisfied?
  > I've pinged #syadmin about being unable to apply the patch; hopefully they 
can help us out!
  @ndavis - can you upload the `git format-patch -1` output somewhere 
  In D16421#348960 <>, @ngraham wrote:
  > In D16421#348959 <>, @bruns wrote:
  > > Tried to reproduce it here, but for me the bottom-right emblem just 
renders fine here:
  > >
  > > F6363939: Unpatched_locked_link_48.png 
  There may also be a conceptual issue here - previously, the `emblem-locked` 
which is used for unaccessible (e.g. root owned) files was a lock with orange 
background, now it is green. For locked encrypted files green may be suitable, 
for unacessible files not so much.

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