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  In D15739#356008 <>, @davidc wrote:
  > Are you referring to the mounted device under the Devices section?
  > I'm unaware of how to get to the root directory in a single click using 
Places, if the existing link is removed.
  Perhaps a visual aid will help. Here is how the Places panel looks today, as 
of KIO's git master:
  F6397673: Places visual aid.png <>
  This patch removed the red-circled item. The blue-circled item is still 
visible and still takes you to / when clicked on. Does that help? We are also 
thinking about improving the label given to the Root disk when it doesn't have 
a disk label. So instead of saying, "XXXX GiB Hard Drive", we could potentially 
make it  say "Root drive" or "Root" or "XXXX GiB Hard Drive (Root)" or anything 
else, really.

  R241 KIO


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