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  > @andreyorst, if you're still around, we can review this patch and land it 
once necessary changes are made.
  Yeah, I'm here! I'd like to make desired changes myself.
  > Nice job on the 64 px icons! However, I noticed that the 16 and 22 px icons 
use a different style and are blurry. Perhaps you should try making the styles 
more similar to the 64 px style and see if you can move, resize or remove any 
details that don't line up with pixels.
  So the reason behind this was, that with outline style for 16 and 22 px icons 
all elements like buttons were too small and looked really bad. I've tried lot 
of variants and decided to go for filled icon in the same way how it is done 
for `network-server` icon, which is using (sort of) outline for 64 px and solid 
for 22 px. However (the ticket is quite old) I've changed this somewhere during 
this year, and currently in my system all icons are using filled icons, since I 
feel that this fits more with original style of `applications-games` icon (and 
most of game controllers are black too). I'll submit updated patch this evening.
  > I noticed that the 16 and 22 px icons use a different style and are blurry
  What screen resolution do you have? Rightnow it looks fine on my system with 
1920x1080 screen. I'll check it at work with 2k screen and scaling turned off.

  R266 Breeze Icons


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