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> kpluginfactory.h:347
>       * Use this method to create an object. It will try to create an object 
> which inherits
> -     * \p T. If it has multiple choices, you will get a fatal error 
> (kFatal()), so be careful
> +     * \p T. If it has multiple choices, you will get a @c nullptr, so be 
> careful
>       * to request a unique interface or use keywords.

I don't see that the code returns nullptr in this case, no.

Seems to me that it gets into kpluginfactory.cpp:143 which issues a qWarning 
[git log says I ported from kFatal to qWarning, not sure why, I guess I was 
doing like in Qt, bad API usage = warning, use QT_FATAL_WARNINGS if you want to 
abort on warnings]. The code then returns the last one of the candidates, but 
order is undefined, so the docu should say that it's not defined which object 
is returned.

  R244 KCoreAddons


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