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  Phabricator unfortunately doesn't offer SVG previews, so posting new 
screenshots every time you update the diff is appreciated. :)
  Also, if you don't already know about it, let me introduce you to the 
Cuttlefish tool. You can generally find it by searching for "Cuttlefish" in 
Discover. If not, it usually a part of the plasma-sdk package. It's an icon 
visualization app that really makes this workflow a breeze. Here's a screenshot 
of what I can use it to see:
  F6410693: icon.png <>
  Don't worry about the fact that the smallest size is visual mush; that's the 
8px version which in practice won't be used for a folder icon. But there is a 
real problem the small line-art representations don't change their color 
properly in the dark version:
  F6410698: icon dark.png <>
  There's a CSS stylesheet you have to add to it to make this happen. @ndavis 
can help with this.

  R266 Breeze Icons


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