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  > I've had so bad times of getting rid of Cuttlefish on my system because 
there was no package with the similar name. I'll install it though.
  If you prefer to use a CLi package manager, the package name is generally 
`plasma-sdk` or something like that.
  > What's a Discover anyways? Do I need it to make icons?
  Discover is KDE's software center/app store. Discover makes it really easy to 
find, install, and remove apps, like Cuttlefish.
  >> But there is a real problem the small line-art representations don't 
change their color properly in the dark version
  > I've thought that that's why we have separate breeze and breeze-dark icons. 
I don't know how to make it dynamic in Inkscape. Is there's any guide for this?
  @ndavis can help with this, but yeah, we really need to add this information 
to Noah, since you know how to do that, 
would you mind submitting a HIG patch to add it to the Icons page? Thanks!

  R266 Breeze Icons


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