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  Now for some feedback about the latest changes to the icon:
  Much better! The area around the joysticks could use some cleaning up though. 
At 100% size, it's not possible to see the joysticks. My suggestion would be to 
remove the joysticks, but keep the bumps that would hold the joysticks. Like so:
  F6410849: Screenshot_20181110_115557.png 
  I would suggest converting the stroke to a path since sometimes strokes get 
distorted by some SVG viewers, but I tried it myself and it completely 
butchered your icon. Why? Who knows. Maybe we shouldn't worry too much about it 
for now and if it becomes an issue, I can fix it later.
  Lastly, make sure the 16, 22, 32 and 64 px icons are all using the same 
style. The original 64px style looked good, but it did not scale down very 
well. The new style for the smaller icons should scale up easily. In general, I 
find it easier to create a consistent design if I start with the smallest icon 
I need to make.

  R266 Breeze Icons


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