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  In D16815#357570 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D16815#357570>, @ngraham wrote:
  > I know this is a bugfix, but...
  > IMHO it's really bad form to design a Breeze version of an app icon that 
has a totally different visual style from the original--especially if it 
completely eliminates all the branding elements from the original. This icon 
should be a Breezey version of the original icon, not something totally 
different that erases the Sublime Text brand. This is obviously not your fault, 
but I'd like to see the icon improved before we fix this bug, or else IMHO it 
will actually be a visual regression for Sublime Text users.
  > Really, the original mostly looks fine. A Breeze version should just 
harmonize the size with other square icons, reduce or eliminate the rounded 
corners, and maybe make some other very subtle changes. If we want to keep the 
parts of the current icon that depict a tabbed view, we could replace the lines 
of text with the orange S logo, or overlay it on top of them or something. I'm 
not sure if the tabbed view iconography is even necessary though.
  > All of this could be done in the same patch if you have icon design skills 
and want to tackle that, or in a separate one if not.
  > Oh, and thanks for the patch, and thanks for using `arc` to submit it! :)
  I'm guessing it was meant to make the Sublime Text icon look similar in style 
to the Kate and KWrite icons, but you're probably right that using an icon 
completely different from the official one isn't a good idea.

  R266 Breeze Icons


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