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  In D15999#368498 <>, @ngraham wrote:
  > In D15999#368479 <>, @ndavis wrote:
  > > It appears that the background colors are hardcoded. If they are meant to 
be dark with the Breeze Light Plasma theme and light with Breeze Dark, then 
they should use the `ColorScheme-Text` class and the inner symbols should use 
the `ColorScheme-Background` class.F6447550: Screenshot_20181129_192418.png 
  > The opposite: the background is supposed to be dark with breeze dark, and 
light with breeze light.
  In general, with dark themes you want white monochrome icons and the circle 
is now the dominant icon element, meaning it should get painted white.
  But there is a tangible problem here - imagine what the logout screen would 
look like if the circles were dark:
  F6447627: image.png <>
  They would be weird looking and would be superfluous.
  In the case of the SDDM theme I agree it's odd that the circles are colored 
differently than the input box, but the logout screen is more important.

  R242 Plasma Framework (Library)


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