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  In D17355#376973 <>, @mart wrote:
  > in general, buttons with icons may be stacked vertically, which for me 
makes a general -1
  But it's not consistent with Qt Widgets and looks kind of weird.
  In D17355#376975 <>, @mart wrote:
  > In D17355#371722 <>, @GB_2 wrote:
  > > Improved code.
  > >  How `qmlscene tests/components/button.qml` looks like:
  > >  F6457867: Plasma QML Button Content Align qmlscene (1).png 
  > >  For some reason "elide" doesn't work...
  > is elide working on the latest revision?
  No, I still didn't figure that out.
  In D17355#376976 <>, @mart wrote:
  > pleaase add the changes to plasmacomponents3 as well
  I will do that when this is done.
  This needs revision, but it's not really my priority.

  R242 Plasma Framework (Library)


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