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  I don't think using the original word delimiters is a good thing. Let's 
imagine that c.xml lists the functions of the libc and a language that allows 
them to be used as `ffi.C.printf` (luajit for the curious). The separators of 
the 2 languages are not the same and `puts'plop'` works for one, but not for 
the other. If we rely on the C delimiters, it will not work anymore. I think we 
can find other examples and perhaps counter-examples.
  Currently, if we want to keep the word delimiters, we can always create a 
context in the referenced file (or another syntax file) and make an 
`IncludeRule`. It's ugly, the current checker complains if the context is not 
used, but I don't think that happens in nature. From what I see, the languages 
that share word lists are either syntactically similar or radically different.

  R216 Syntax Highlighting


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