kossebau added inline comments.


> ahmadsamir wrote in kkeysequencewidget.cpp:127
> I understand. but I was talking about this case specifically, it's about 
> foreach two arguments, and making them const as needed, so that seqAsString 
> change is in inline with replacing foreach with range-for.

Is it?
This patch as is now has 3 changes:

- change a foreach loop over extracted key list of a QHash to then also access 
values (2 discouraged things) to iterator-based for loop over the QHash
- change a foreach loop over a QList to a range-based for loop over the QList
- cache the result of toString() outside of the inner loop

Each of those is an independent change. The first two both fall into the domain 
of "port away from foreach". The last one, as could be also seen in the first 
version of this patch, has nothing to do with them, `seq` was a const reference 
before and has been after (well, then represented/replaced by`it.key()`).

Where would you see that "making them const as needed" that you based your 
reply on? :)

  R263 KXmlGui


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