I am experimenting with using gcc44 for building ports following a technique
laid out here:

I have some problems with qt4 ports - right now I am blocked at devel/qt4-moc,
but I suspect that other qt4 ports might behave the same.
It seems that the CXX override gets honored and g++44 is used as a compiler, but
LINK variable in qmake-generated makefiles remains set to g++ and that leads to
linking failure.

I think that I can override QMAKE_LINK and QMAKE_LINK_SHLIB in
/usr/local/share/qt4/mkspecs/common/g++.conf but I am looking for a more
"controlled" solution.  Being able to override these via make.conf would be
perfect.  Perhaps there is some magic similar to what works for QMAKE_CXX...

Any thoughts, advice?
Thanks a lot!
Andriy Gapon
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