SVN commit 13028 by tcberner:

Make multimedia/gstreamer1-qt5 a slave port of multimedia/gstreamer1-qt4.

After preparing the patches in r13026 and r13027, we can now build these ports
from identical patches. As the ports install some different files (qt4-Quick1 
qt5-Quick2 but disabled qt5-Quick1) a sub QT4_ONLY and QT5_ONLY is used in the 

 M  +21 -9     gstreamer1-qt4/Makefile  
 M  +148 -137  gstreamer1-qt4/pkg-plist  
 M  +4 -26     gstreamer1-qt5/Makefile  
 D             gstreamer1-qt5/distinfo  
 D             gstreamer1-qt5/files (directory)  
 D             gstreamer1-qt5/pkg-descr  
 D             gstreamer1-qt5/pkg-plist  

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