On Monday 19 September 2016 08:45:39 Graham Menhennitt wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to this and would like to test some KF5 stuff. I'm running
> FreeBSD stable-11 on AMD64. Could somebody please tell me how to get
> started.
> I know that I have to get the SVN repo from area51. But what's the next
> step? Do I copy that over the top of a standard ports repo? Or do I have
> to merge things somehow? And then what - "cd /usr/ports/x11/kde; make"?

 - Get area51. Get the plasma5/ branch, because it's where the current state-
of-the-art lives. 
 - (optional) get a separate ports checkout somewhere
 - in the plasma5/ checkout, run 
        $ sh Tools/scripts/kdemerge -a /path/to/ports
   This will merge all the KDE area51 ports into that ports tree (which is why 
you might want to use a separate ports checkout, so it's easy to undo).
 - For the biggest effect, build x11/kde5
 - It might be good to switch off your display manager (if you have one already 
on your FreeBSD system) and using startx for a bit. You probably just need 
exec /usr/local/bin/startkde in .xinitrc (note that the plasma5 branch shuffles 
some KDE4 ports around, and what used to be startkde becomes startkde4).

> Is there a list of what I can expect to work and what won't?

I think tcb uses plasma5 on FreeBSD as his primary desktop, so "most" things 
apparently work. I've got to admit to sticking with KDE4 desktop, mostly out 
of inertia.


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