--- Comment #11 from Raphael Kubo da Costa <> ---
(In reply to Thomas Zander from comment #9)
> You are correct, core-avx-i may use instructions not available on the Sandy
> Bridge.
> But why shouldn't I be able to build Ivy Bridge optimised packages (for some
> new desktop machines) on the (still much faster) Sandy Bridge server around?
> I would expect to see this build error when using -march=native, but not
> when setting a concrete target CPU to compile for.

If you're building the packages on a Sandy Bridge using Poudriere, that means
Poudriere is installing your Ivy Bridge packages into the jail, and if
something needs to run during the build it can end up trying to execute Ivy
Bridge-specific instructions. vlc-cache-gen doesn't seem to link directly
against Qt, but perhaps when it loads all the plugins to generate modules.dat
it ends up loading Qt and failing.

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