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(In reply to Tobias C. Berner from comment #2)

I'm attempting a x11-toolkits/qt5-gui build but it is causing builds of 126
ports, llvm37 included. (None of these were installed at the start for this

On the rpi2 this is going to take a while even if the rest of the ports
involved build without problems.

-mfloat-abi=soft is no longer involved.

I'm omitting -march=armv7-a and using only -mcpu=cortext-a7 for that aspect.
(Some non-clang compliers consider the two a conflict and reject the

I'm building from a stable/11 system vintage:

$ uname -apKU
FreeBSD rpi2 11.0-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 11.0-PRERELEASE #6 r306344M: Mon Sep 26
12:08:55 PDT 2016    
markmi@FreeBSDx64:/usr/obj/clang/arm.armv6/usr/src/sys/RPI2-NODBG  arm armv6
1100503 1100503

I updated my /usr/ports first:

$ svnlite info /usr/ports/ | grep "Re[lv]"
Relative URL: ^/head
Revision: 423928
Last Changed Rev: 423928

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