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After your big change I got this fatal error in poudriere.

[00:00:43] Warning: (x11/kde-workspace-kde4): Error: x11/kde-workspace-kde4
depends on nonexistent origin 'x11/plasma-scriptengine-python' (moved to
x11/plasma-[00:00:43] Warning:scriptengine-python-kde4); Please contact
maintainer of the port to fix this.

So I changed x11/kde-workspace-kde4/Makefile to this to make poudriere happy.  

--- /usr/ports/x11/kde-workspace-kde4/Makefile    2018-02-23 00:38:05.254473000
+++ /tmp/1      2018-02-23 00:37:02.935113000 -0600
@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@

 PYTHON_DESC=           Python plasmoids support

 RUBY_DESC=             Ruby plasmoids support

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