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Review request for Telepathy.

Repository: ktp-common-internals


Sent and received messages can be received again as scrollback and before this 
patch it leads to messages duplication.
E.g.: server sent last 20 messages on connection to a group chat, the local 
user has a network issue and thus got disconnected and connected back with 
messaging window kept open.

We already have a table for sent messages and this patch:
1) adds insertion of received messages into the same table,
2) uses the table to ignore already sent/received messages.

In future we can also use the table to implement message correction (see 
XEP-0308, Message_Header_Key "supersedes" and so on).


  KTp/Declarative/messages-model.cpp 6823574 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/128960/diff/


Sent and received messages are not duplicated on scrollback received.


Alexandr Akulich

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