How long have you been using Linux and/or Unix systems?

Before the standard everyone put their config and other 
user-specific resource stuff in a place of their choosing, typically directly 
into $HOME or if you were lucky, in a dedicated subdirectory under $HOME (e.g.: 

To extrapolate your argument a bit: don't you think that /usr/bin is an even 
worse total mess? Everything ends up being installed there

Morale: storing settings files of an entire software family will always remain 
a mess. This may be why Gnome/GTk use a database (or at least provide a 
database-like central interface to the settings repository). And you only have 
to look at the MS Windows registry to know what an incredible mess such a thing 
can become.

The best way to figure out which settings file you're looking for is to look at 
the file date. And if you want them all in one place you should be able to do 
that with a simple change (maybe even a configure option) to one of the 
frameworks. Certain distributions did that so KDE4 stuff was under ~/.kde4 
instead of ~/.kde .

Doing this upstream would force the decision upon everyone, with all the 
resulting maintenance costs (each and every application will have to ensure 
their settings are migrated properly and even then some users may find that 
they lost their settings). That's not a decision the core devs will make 
lightly, or so I hope.


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