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> Hello,
> Perhaps I just need to 'RTFS' on this, but I was looking for
> documentation on Kdenlives file format. My reason for this is that I am
> looking at developing a bridge from Kdenlive into Blender for nodal
> based compositing and final rendering/output.

I doubt you'll find much else besides MLT that can process that file--it
sits rather high on the food chain.

> In an ideal world, I would be able to export a project from Kdenlive as
> OpenEXR images, import them into Blender's NLE and do my finishing work
> from there.

There is no EXR write support, but MLT does not do HDR or 16 bit processing
yet. Will PNG or similar work fine? If so you would do something like:

inigo input.kdenlive -consumer avformat:%05d.png real_time=0 progressive=1

Also, I believe Blender can now load many video file formats including
perhaps a lossless compressed AVI:

inigo input.kdenlive -consumer avformat:out.avi vcodec=ffv1 acodec=pcm_s16le
real_time=0 progressive=1

Even though the progressive flag specifies to deinterlace interlaced
materials, the deinterlacing is not very good - just the common linear blend
technique. So, beware of interlace artifacts. Also, you might need to be
concerned about sample aspect ratio, but I don't know what you are using for
inputs. The default inigo output is setup for ITU 601 (DV) PAL. You can
change that by setting the MLT_PROFILE environment var to one of what's in

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